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Our mission at HealHaus is to combine different healing modalities under one roof to provide people with an inclusive, accessible, and diverse virtual and physical experience focused on holistic health and wellness. We aim to inspire and support community while providing a come as you are, judgment free approach to this work.

Driven by our goal to shift the stigma and culture around wellness, our HeaHaus @ Work and HealHaus for Brands programs seamlessly integrates wellness into a person’s professional and every day lifestyle.

HealHaus @ Work

HealHaus @ Work

Introduces better physical and mental stress management in the workplace

Boosts and sustains employee morale and productivity

Employees feel seen and supported within the work environment

HH for Brands

HealHaus for Brands

Improves community culture and interactions

Elevates brand satisfaction

Allows audience/clients to feel prioritized and supported in a way that changes their relationship from “customer” to “family”

“Millennials are the driving force behind the rapid growth of the wellness market, with 78% choosing to spend money on experiences rather than “stuff”.

(“Wellness Is The New Luxury: Is Healthy and Happy The Future Of Retail?” – Forbes)

HealHaus Corporate Wellness
HealHaus Corporate Wellness

“77% of employees report health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work.”

(Aflac Workforces Report)

Our Approach

An important aspect of our program is the connection of all components of your well-being. With our HealHaus programming we can curate a one-of-a-kind experience that meets your company’s needs. We specialize in taking an integrative holistic approach to healing, and to be as transparent and relatable as possible to create a safe space for others to receive.


R.D. Nutrition
Holistic Medicine


Mental Health Programs
Healthy Conversation Panels
Racial Injustice + COVID-19 Workshops


Alignment Lab
Energy Healing
Serenity Strategy

“Wellness does not have to feel intimidating and unapproachable.”

HealHaus Corporate Wellness
HealHaus Corporate Wellness

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