How HealHaus Workplace & Corporate Wellness Works

How do you want to deliver a wellness experience with your culture and values?

With our HH Workplace & Corporate Wellness program we can curate a one-of-a-kind experience that meets your company’s needs. We specialize in taking an integrative holistic approach to healing, and encourage people to come as they are to access body, mind, and spirit in an authentic way. Our approach is to be as transparent and relatable as possible to create a safe space for others to receive.

Wellness does not have to feel intimidating and unapproachable.

Client Benefits

Boost and sustain employee morale

Better physical and mental stress management in the workplace

Improved community culture and interactions

Clients feel prioritized and supported in a way that elevates their relationship with your company from “customer” to “family”.


Millennials — now the largest generation by population — are the driving force behind the rapid growth of the wellness market, with 78% choosing to spend money on experiences rather than “stuff”. (“Wellness Is The New Luxury: Is Healthy and Happy The Future Of Retail?” – Forbes)

Companies with wellness programs see an 8% increase in employee productivity (Institute for Consumerism).

77% of employees report health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work. (Aflac Workforces Report)

HH Workplace & Corporate Wellness Activation Options



Custom or HH Package?

You can choose from our HH Wellness Packages as a starting point, or select as is.

All of our offerings are à la carte so we work as a team to create exactly what you need.

Whether it’s a weekly meditation session or a group event, we have your needs covered.



What Kind of Experience?

Group sessions tailored to your frequency (one-off / weekly/ monthly)

Group lectures / workshops on different topics

Pop up event facilitations with wellness bar option

Private one-on-one sessions space or at HealHaus

Employee retreats at your office space or at HealHaus



The Modalities We Offer



Sound Baths





Life Coaching

Holistic Nutrition


Acupuncture – Ear Seeds Breathwork

Holistic Wellness Bar


Bodywork: Facials

And more….