5 Element Womb Ceremony

January 26  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $40

Join us as we gather to connect the heart and sex centers. in this ceremony we will offer an elixir to nourish and awaken your womb and prepare you for a shamanic journey that will include sound healing and Wands of Light meditation to learn how to clear stagnant energy from your womb; then tonify it with the sexual vitality Qi gong practice of ovarian breathing.

Expect gentle stretching, movement and self touch for you to explore and awaken your feminine sensual nature.


Natalie is an integrative healer, yoga instructor and empowerment guide that offers one on one experiences, classes and events for your personal upliftment and evolution.

Natalie’s life’s mission is to help others connect to their body, heart and spirit to awaken ‘onelove’ consciousness here on earth.

Her offerings help you to resource + reconnect to your body + gain tools for vibrational mastery.

She loves supporting you through hands on bodywork, breathwork, yoga, meditation, teaching sacred healing practices and rituals that nourish, center and inspire you.