Through the power of scent and the healing properties found in plants, aromatherapy is a healing instrument that enhances health and well being. A session with Bria is a time for realization, encouragement and awakening intuition. Clients will share with Bria their medical background, lifestyle, current wellness goals and challenges. They will also experience Scent Attunement™️ to explore over 25 scents to determine which aromas speak to them and invoke the emotional subtleties that essential oils trigger. This is also time to learn how to best use essential oils daily to support wellness goals.  A 0.5 oz blend is included.

Consultation rates:

  • Aromatherapy intake session: 60 minutes includes 0.5 oz custom formulated blend  ($125)
  • Follow-up aromatherapy session: 30 minutes includes .5oz custom formulated blend  ($88)