Awakened Queens

September 7  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  Suggested donation: $15
** No one will be turned away in all community classes **

“Awakened Queens” is a multi-modal art based healing group that functions to support women, non-binary and transfolk of color with attaining support in healing from past wounds associated with issues of identity, marginalization and other individual and collective traumas.

The workshop entails three sections, focusing on sensorial tuning, identifying “power images,” or positive reflections of oneself, and executing a creative presentation of oneself which is then shared with the group.

This group is a safe haven for women of diverse backgrounds struggling with past wounds who are ready to develop a greater self mastery, groundedness, emotional balance, and relationship with their true selves, by prioritizing spiritual connectedness, creativity, and sense of personal mission.

We’re here to STRENGTHEN each other’s resilience, perception, wisdom, passion, nurturance, resolve and creativity!”

Kelly Niceley, LCAT-ATR is a trained Licensed Creative Arts Therapist with over 12 years working in the field of mental health, employing verbal and non-verbal modalities, including and not limited to art-based interventions. Kelly has a special commitment to addressing issues of diversity in practice and has a personal mission to ensure these issues are properly addressed in the lexicon of mental health treatment. Kelly offers a variety of online and in-person workshops for clinicians and individuals interested in expanding thier creativity and optimizing their mental health.