Cacao Circle: Sound Body Journey

February 24  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $30

11Ajmaq neutral day (neither good nor bad) for cleaning, clearing and re-calibrating our life path, ancestral and community programming. Through recalling those who have assisted us in our evolution, and by forgiving any displacement of energy, while giving thanks for moments and opportunities – we allow ourselves to tap into where we need to lighten our load, thus simultaneously fine-tune/upgrade our mind/body/spirit.

Through ritual, resonance and rhythm we will actualize, activate and anchor utilizing Cacao Laboratory’s ceremonial grade cacao, known as the “Food of the Gods”, to nourish our hearts.

This is a great day for releasing all that no longer serves us and giving thanks for all that allows growth and re-connection to our authentic self.

We will share in lightness and depth.


  • Create safe/sacred space/seal circle
  • Ceremonial grade (Cacao Laboratory) Arriba Nacional sacred cacao from Ecuador
  • Energetic Attunement /Sound Journey
  • Channeled Guided KA (light body) Movement

Cacao is known as the “Food of the Gods”, for connecting each of us with the heart of our inner child, the heart of the sky and the heart of the earth. This allows use to be coherently clear within our creativity and intentions as well as grounded and focused.

As a ceremonialist, Erika offers Cacao Laboratory’s ceremonial-grade Criollio cacao from Ecuador and Guatemala blended with organic herbs and spices based on the energies of the day.

She will share the metaphysical, energetic and physical benefits of cacao while adapting the rhythm of the circle to the resonance of the participants.

Cacao Laboratory ceremonial grade cacao will be lovingly implemented as the heart medicina foundation for the complex blend that will be curated for the evening.