Cannaclusive: Adulting is Hard

January 26  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $20

As a child you couldn’t wait to grow up. You thought you’d finally be free to do whatever you chose. Things didn’t go quite as planned. Now, you’re inundated with bills, anxiety, deadlines, and never having enough me time. Adulting can really get to you.

Join Cannaclusive for guided meditation and manifestation with our friends the Sad Girls Club, restorative yoga with Kyle Jones and Chavonne Hodges of Grillz and Granola to close us out through self awareness exercises. We’ll relax, reconnect, and rethink adulting.

Light bites and beverages provided by Tainted Love and Lagom Teas for the evening.

Cannaclusive was created to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers. At Cannaclusive we celebrate the cultures of this thriving community through curated experiences and thoughtful content. We make it easier for brands to communicate with diverse audiences and ensure that minority consumers are not an afterthought, but a valued ally in the fight for legalization and destigmatization.

Vei Darling is a first generation Liberian-American multidisciplinary creative, activist, and healer. Vei has practiced magic since childhood, opting to lead faery search parties in lieu of games of soccer with peers. After years of studying the humanities, systems of faith, supernatural phenomena, and holistic healing, Vei began sharing her gifts through her burgeoning practice as The Sagittarius Woman. Vei’s practice operates within the universal framework of the infinite as opposed to that of dualistic scarcity. It centers on the liberation of all living beings from the yoke of wrongful oppression and toxic ideation; the integration of all modes and means of health and wellness into one’s lifestyle; and the reclamation and exaltation of one’s personal power.

Kyle Jones | A fitness professional that thinks outside the box with a fine mix of science and holistic medicine to problem-solving in terms of all wellness-related matters.

Chavonne Hodges is an NYC-based fitness entrepreneur and community organizer with a passion for social impact, education, wellness, and creativity. In 2016, she launched GrillzandGranola, a fitness company that curates and creates wellness and fitness experiences powered by underrepresented women of color, starting with their signature TrapAerobics class. Since launching, she has captured the attention of companies like Facebook, Tumblr and Droga5 and garnering various features by publications like ClassPass, Bustle, The Grio and Yahoo! Lifestyle and more. In 2017, she sold created and sold diverse stock images, which eventually landed her first modeling job for Target’s C9 Champion “A New Kind of Strong” campaign. Then in 2018, she launched ZEN DAY, the first and only half-day wellness conference for 150+ NYC-based women of color to learn how to be collectively well. Chavonne, named by the Drum as “50 Under 30 Creative Leaders of Tomorrow” now works as a full-time Wellness entrepreneur.