Cleanse + Clear: Vibrate High

June 5  |  7 – 9 PM  |  $20

Rasia Pouncie

The mental, physical, emotional, and energetic body can be exposed to constant activity and stimulation whether it be from our own internal manifestations from worry, stress, etc. or from the external world where we are unknowingly picking up on energetic stuff that isn’t ours. For some of us, this can take a toll on our overall well being. This could take place on a deep and subtle level. Just like we need to wash and clean our physical bodies, we need to cleanse our energetic bodies as well. When you have the skills to cleanse and clear yourself you can reduce stress, ward off illness, and release what no longer serves you on all energetic levels. Being able to do so can bring you to a place of healing on your life path, it can improve your accessibility to greater opportunities, and improve relationships as well as clarity, and deepen your sense of self-awareness. This offering provides comprehensive tools that will support you on all levels to cleans and clear on a daily basis and support you in attuning to your inner guidance system.