Contact & Conversation 1.0

August 24  |  1 – 4 PM  |  $25
Location: Outside

“Effective conversations around racism can actually happen.”

Racism shows itself as a fundamental relationship that has been broken, and that being the “Human Relationship”. Racism teaches and passes on the fear, hate, and tribal impulses to dehumanize others for control, subjugation, exploitation and extermination. The foundational relationship of compassion between humans in order to survive and thrive in the United States has been shattered via American Racism. Contact and Conversation helps begin the restoration of this severed relationship by “re-humanizing” each other through its unique method of Taoist-based mindfulness meditation and philosophy, physical connection, and evidence-based social psychological methods of reducing racism. Join us in taking the first step in building the skills to effectively reduce while having meaningful, deep and authentic conversations with others from a place of inner awareness and emotional honesty.

Meet Robin: “I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor and Antiracist Consultant and Organizer with over 10 years of supervisory experience. I received my Masters in Social Work and SIFI certification from New York University and have been studying and using Psychodrama and Drama therapy for over 5 years. I currently serve on the leadership team of European Dissent (ED) which is an Affinity Group of The People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond. ED is a group of people of European descent who ‘dissent’ from the ideology of white supremacy and organize together with other whites and people of color to undo racism. As a consultant with MPG Consulting, I specialize in facilitating presentations and trainings that are rooted in restorative and anti-racist principles. I speak extensively on white privilege from an individual and organizational perspective. As a lead facilitator for Ambient Noise, I co-facilitate workshops geared towards mindfully reducing racism within ourselves and society.”