Creative Movement:Healing Through Movement and Play

October 6  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  $25

Moved LA’s workshops are a fun and playful way to transform your distracted stream of consciousness into full mind-body exploration. Through improvisational movement exercises and non-conventional prompts, you will stimulate your creativity, find ways to genuinely express yourself, and connect with the people around you. There is no choreography and no wrong answers, just a safe space to groove to a co-created playlist of music that moves you.

Moved LA is not only about the movement of bodies, but also the movement of thought. This workshop will get your synapses firing in new ways as you create shapes and shift through space while perhaps moving like the waves of the ocean, or the flames of a candle. The workshop purposefully provokes creative thinking: how can improvisation techniques be applied to daily life? How can we challenge the status quo? What roles do play and creativity have in our lives?

There will be some giggles, maybe a few tears, and definitely lots of play! Every participant receives a bandana and notebook to take home! Wear clothes you can move in and bring water.

Led by Moved LA Founder and movement facilitator, Sarah Rodenhouse. An ambassador for self expression and holistic wellness, Sarah is best known for creating opportunities where individuals can connect to a broader collective by moving their bodies. She has studied various forms of movement and dance globally, is a certified pilates instructor through the Physical Mind Institute, and the founder, co-artistic director, and choreographer of MashUp Contemporary Dance Company. Sarah utilizes her layered skill set, improvisation, and play to cultivate an environment where individuals feel comfortable exploring new things.