Emotions, Periods, Menstrual Cup & Yoga for Femmes

September 1  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  $30

Do we understand how our emotions relate to our menstrual cycle? The use of the menstrual cup combined with Yoga are amazing tools to build a closer relationship with our cycles.

During our time together, Natalia & Laura are going to break through some of the myths & taboos around our female bodies. We’ll be learning how to track & honor our monthly emotional patterns & remind ourselves that we are not CRAZY we are just CYCLIC.

Our talk emphasizes the use of the BLOOM CUP as a method to feel more comfortable & harmonious within ourselves. You’ll also learn some key Yoga postures for menstruation to help relieve symptoms of bloat, heavy bleeding, and PMS.

Laura Restrepo & Natalia Rodriguez are both Colombian Entrepreneurs living in the USA.

Laura, the founder of BLOOM CUP, considers herself a feminist: “ I didn’t know the meaning of this word until I started BLOOM” she says. “Since I was very young I’ve felt the need to fight for my rights as a woman, for justice and for gender equality, but I did not know that meant being a feminist. Finally while in college I found a way to materialize all these inner forces in me and it is called BLOOM CUP.”

Natalia is one of the lead teachers at HealHaus. “I strive to make anyone stepping into my Sangha unwind and connect to their authentic ‘Self’. I hold a peaceful and inviting space for exploration and healing of practitioners on all levels. Classes are playful but precise: a craft of intention, meditation , mantra, creative Asana and Pranayama techniques, setting the mood for a spiritually balanced energy flow where students will be challenged & encouraged to explore with mindfulness.”