Enlightenment Mentorship

If you are looking for greater truth and for lasting, permanent happiness, it lies close at hand. It is your own true nature. Spiritual enlightenment is the recognition of our own real identity as eternal perfection. The only thing that stands in our way is the illusion that we are our bodies and minds. We are not. With sincerity, this illusion can be dispelled.

I have trained in the Hindu path to non-dual enlightenment for over 20 years, and have my own unique take on the obstacles that seekers face.

I will educate you, answer your questions, train you in meditative techniques, and help you deal with the complicated terrain that is specific to your spiritual search. This is intensely personalized guidance within an intelligent framework.

I offer inexpensive introductory sessions to see if we are right for each other.

I have advanced degrees from Harvard Law School, CUNY, and Carnegie-Mellon, and have authored books and articles on the spiritual search — most recently How to Find What Isn’t Lost: A Short Pro-Intellectual, Pro-Desire Guide to Enlightenment. I maintain a website at Sifting to the Truth.

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