Face Love + Gua Sha

We’ll assess your current skincare habits and goals, adjust for appropriate expectations, and then we will form a plan for your future skin. This will be a team effort, and we’ll take a look at all of your products and/or find you new ones. You’ll be glowing soon! 2 follow up emails included.

60 Min | $120

Post Client Consultation – a time for the client to ask questions about their current regimen and current skincare issues. This will also be a time for an assessment/adjustment of their skincare plan and goals.

30 Min | $65

Consultation is a prerequisite and can be booked together.

You will learn a simple and effective protocol, step by step, on how to create space and movement in your skin to enhance the skin’s ability to heal and function.

Using a special gemstone facial tool along with an ancient TCM massage technique, a regular Gua Sha regimen can lead to healthier, happier, glowing skin.

Gua Sha Tool is not included in price – inquire for options.

90 Min | $200

Consultation is a prerequisite.

Refresher lesson or learn advanced Gua Sha techniques for more specific results such as definition in cheekbones and jawline, reduction in acne/rosacea, hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles.
Weekly appointments recommended.

Gua Sha Tool is not included in price – inquire for options.

75 Min | $150