Get Seeded: Ear Seed Treatments

February 23  |  11 AM – 2 PM  |  Suggested donation: $10
** No one will be turned away in all community classes **

Join Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Aimée Derbes, LAc, for some quick noninvasive, acupuncture needle-free support for whatever ails you. These donation-based ear seed treatments are safe and effective, and can help with anything from stress and anxiety, to chronic pain or migraines, to hormonal and digestive imbalances. No need to make an appointment; you can simply drop by to receive your customized ear seed treatment, meet Aimée, and hang at HealHaus.

In case you’re new to ear seeds, the ear is used as a map for the entire body / thinking mind / emotions / spirit in auriculotherapy, a modern modality that developed in the framework of East Asian medicine. Instead of stimulating the ear points using needles, therapists use tiny stick on seeds made of either the seed of the vaccaria plant, or stainless steel.

Ear seeds can be left on for 3-5 days and provide continuous subtle stimulation to the points below, supporting you between acupuncture visits or as a standalone treatment. Besides other symptom-specific uses, ear seeds help you combat stress and anxiety and help you feel calm and grounded.