Healing Circle: Cutting Emotional Ties

August 25  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $30

The hardest part of fully healing from relationships is letting go and forgiving. Even when you physically move on and cut communication, mental and emotional ties can keep you bound to negative aspects of a relationship, preventing you from fully moving on. A Cord Cutting ceremony is part meditation and part ritual for the purpose of dissolving unhealthy emotional bonds between yourself and another. This ceremony helps you accept circumstances, forgive, and take responsibility allowing you to break-free of emotional bonds with love.

This group Cord Cutting healing circle will help you let go of the burden of carrying emotional grief between yourself and a loved one, friend, or ex. You will gain a better understanding of your grief and how to begin to resolve it while freeing yourself from the past. All relationships involve an energetic exchange; after cutting ties you’ll call back your power for a greater sense of wholeness within yourself.

Please bring a pen and journal and wear comfortable clothing. Suggested crystals are black tourmaline, rose quartz, or any green crystal.

** Common Questions **

Q: Does cord cutting remove the person from my life for good?
A: Unless it is your intention to never see or speak to that person again, then No. Cord Cutting severs the unhealthy or toxic bond between you and another person, including a friend, family member, or lover. By breaking the unhealthy bond you are free to form a healthier relationship, heal unresolved trauma, or move on entirely – whichever you chose.

Q: Will I no longer love this person or will they no longer love me?
A: It is my belief that love never dies. Often unhealthy attachments create co-dependency. Co-dependency is not a healthy form of love, it is rooted in fear. As you begin to heal you’ll recognize how healthy love and boundaries feels different than what you felt in the past. This isn’t a loss of love, just a better expression of it.