HH Black History Month: Light of Our Ancestors

February 23  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  $40

In this special event, HealHaus Reiki Masters, Liana Naima and Joshua Dorfman will guide the community in exploring intergenerational trauma and through a transcendent energy healing and vocal release meditation to process ancestral wounds. As people of color, we have a family history of slavery, colonization, systemic oppression, and the psychological and physiological impact of living in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchal society. We will explore the links between ourselves, our lineage and how modern day America is impacting our ability to heal for our own liberation and for the liberation of our bloodline.

After the community discussion, Joshua and Liana will guide the group into a transcendent energy healing and vocal release meditation. To help us become rooted in the wisdom of our bloodline, we will use the voice and hypnotic sounds of a buffalo drum to claim space in our bodies and on this Earth. We’ll release intergenerational trauma we’ve been carrying around self-expression with a primal scream and intuitively sing the sounds of our ancestral line to invite them into the space.

Ending with an energy healing meditation to strengthen our root chakra and connect us with any messages from our ancestors. The root chakra is about the family line and brings in a sense of feeling grounded, nourished and supported when it is balanced. You can expect to feel held as Joshua and Liana guide you to sense the light of your bloodline permeating within you and around you as they cleanse your energy field. By the end, we will journal on our experience. You’ll leave the workshop with a deeper connection towards self, your ancestors and a sense of being rooted in love. Please bring a journal and pen. This workshop is only for people of color. LGBTQ safe space.