HH Immersion:Kemetic Philosophy, Yoga + Meditation

February 29  |  2 – 5 PM  |  $60

Kemetic Yoga is a practice based on an ancient Egyptian philosophy of yoga, or for better word, connection to self. It is a practice that brings us back to the source as well as the foundation of yoga, and coming back to the source of yoga means to come back to the source of our divine selves. Kemetic Yoga also connects us to a powerful ancestral energy, and what better time to immerse ourselves in ancestral and divine connections. During this powerful time of us together, we will go through meditation and breathwork, while understanding the importance of the breath, and how we benefit from it, from an ancient Egyptian perspective. In addition, we will go through a beautiful Kemetic Yoga flow, taking us on an ancestral journey, through movements seen on the hieroglyphs. In order to be fully immersed in a practice, we must have an understanding of it, so we will breakdown philosophy of the Kemetic Yoga practice, as well as the ancient Egyptian spiritual practice.