Holistic Medicine

Sessions include a detailed intake of all bodily systems, acupressure techniques tailored to your unique concerns, and guided meditation for grounding and centering. Acupressure can help with cold/flu/covid symptoms, cough/phlegm, digestion, cycle and hormonal regulation (for all genders), fertility, immune support, gynecological concerns, respiratory and circulatory health, physical pain and tension, sleep hygiene and insomnia, autoimmune conditions, skin and dermatology, mental health, anxiety and depression, headaches, vision and hearing, memory and cognition, and more. Similar to acupuncture, acupressure points help to balance the meridian systems (including all major organs), calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, elevate mood, and achieve deep relaxation. This integrative service gives you the full scope of Traditional Eastern Medicine treatment, alongside holistic techniques for healing of body, mind, and spirit. A custom herbal prescription to be filled at Kamwo pharmacy may also be requested as needed. Sliding scale pricing welcomed and available, for those experiencing a financial hardship during this time.

30 Min | $80
60 Min | $120

This 3-part appointment offers a detailed observation of your digestive health at this time. The first scheduled appointment is an in depth 1 hour wellness consultation, that will assess all external factors (including your lifestyle and social habits), affecting your digestive wellness. The second scheduled appointment is a review of your health history and current clinical health records. This will further identify the physical manifestation of the root cause of your digestive discomfort. Thru observation of your clinical records, we can determine what body systems will require nutritional and herbal support to optimize your healing process. At your final appointment we will review my comprehensive wellness plan recommendation. The plan is explained in a 45-minute personalized class and provides an opportunity for you to learn the science of the nutrition and herbal recommendation based on your wellness constitution.

$125 / Hr
(3-hr minimum)

Flower essences are the gentler, subtler, ethereal manifestations of plant medicine. They work on mental, emotional, and psychical levels to elicit transformative change and healing from the inside out. Flower essences are often reached for to address trauma, suppressed emotions, anxiety, depression, grief, and insomnia. Flower essence consultations involve an in depth deep-dive discussion of your current roadblocks, challenges, intentions, and goals, where you paint me a picture of your constitution. With that knowledge, we will carefully select flower essences that match your current state and will be the most supportive for you. The price of this consultation includes the custom flower essence formula and shipping. Virtual consultations take place on the phone or video-chat.

Join Dr. Margarita Russolello, DACM, L.Ac. for HealHaus Live Online Herbal Consults. Sessions include a detailed intake of all bodily systems and a custom herbal prescription to be filled at Kamwo pharmacy. Price does not include the cost of herbs, which can be administered as granules (powder tea), capsules, tinctures, or liquids (cooked raw herbs in vacuum packs). Nutritional information and supplements may also be prescribed as needed.

Plants are the great teachers, here to provide us with deep-rooted wisdom, healing, and transformation. An herbal medicine consultation with Dr. Naika involves an in-depth discussion of your medical and social history, current medications, as well as your goals and intentions for your healing. Common concerns that are addressed by herbal medicine include but are not limited to digestive concerns, hormonal balance, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fertility, and detox.

30 Min | $80
60 Min | $120

Naturopathic Medicine entails the use of non-invasive holistic therapies to address the underlying root cause of disease and to help you feel better from the inside out. Your thorough Naturopathic consultation involves a detailed review of your medical and social history, your medications and your health goals. My number one goal in this session is to get an overall picture of you, your health concerns, and your needs. Following your consultation, I will spend an additional 1-2 hours creating an individualized comprehensive protocol for you, that includes any combination of lifestyle interventions, dietary adjustments, herbal formulas, nutraceuticals, etc. You will receive this protocol digitally within 24-48 hours of your session end time. Telemedicine Naturopathic consultations can take place on the phone or video-chat.

30 Min | $150
60 Min | $250

This 1-hour wellness consultation will assess all internal and external contributing factors affecting your general wellness. Medical health, lifestyle and social habits are an integral part of health, as well as health maintenance. In our consultation a detailed evaluation of these factors will be used to determine the best recommendation for creating harmony, good health and balanced natural wellness. A comprehensive personal wellness plan is recommended at the end of the appointment, and you are offered the opportunity to discuss your personal nutritional constitution and the basic science behind the best food choices for you.