Inner Peace in the Modern City

August 25  |  12 – 2 PM  |  Suggested donation: $10
** No one will be turned away in all community classes **

Please provide a description of the workshop (NOTE that all workshops are about two hours long), including a timeline of activities and any materials that would be used. This workshop walks one through some of the key pillars of Inner Peace, leading one into a deeper state of stillness and balance within. This workshop is focused on assisting those that live in large cities, such as NYC, as a consistent state of peace can be rather illusive in such environments.

The timeline of activities consists of an opening guided meditation, accompanied with a healing scent (either a Sufi Oil from Bashy or a free essential oil spray from Wellness Offerings). The meditation will be followed by a 45 minute to 1 hour lecture where I dive into my inner peace journey and provide the essential elements and pillars of a zen lifestyle. The lecture will conclude with a sharing of practical techniques and practices, some of which will be demonstrated. This will lead directly into the question and answer portion of the workshop. The workshop will conclude with a handout containing some of the pertinent information shared and with a sacred closing of the space.

D’Andre Sage is a spiritual teacher, creative catalyst, and community innovator whom has dedicated the last eight years of his life to the process of self-mastery. It is Sage’s vision to reconnect people with their source of innermost truth, empowerment, and enchantment for life. It is through his dedication to healing and activation, that he has been able to be of whole service to the collective.

A retired Nuclear Engineer, Sage utilizes his analytical mind to generate balanced solutions within the consciousness and community spaces. One of these balanced solutions is Life Mapping, a personalized blueprint for the ever-evolving self. Life Mapping bridges a myriad of self-discovery systems into a cohesive and revealing blueprint into self-awareness, incorporating: modern and ancient numerology, zodiac, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

In addition, Sage hopes to connect and collaborate with you, as he sees community efficiency as a must in the coming times. It is through the expression and connection of our uniqueness that the solutions needed for self and the collective may most effectively be birthed.