Integrative Somatic Healing

It is my intention for my practice to be a place of safety dignity and belonging for all, in particular people who suffer the impact of discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, origin, religion, age, class, or ability.

What I strive for in my work is to create a warm and nurturing space in which Radical Presence is a lived experience. Being radically present means complete, undivided attention, void of judgment, expectations or agenda. I will be your guide on the path to understanding that whatever it is you are trying to make sense of, or process, does not and has never impaired your inherent wholeness, but is here, now, to re-awaken and re-activate your wholesome Self as leader.

Through the understanding of how mind and body communicate with each other you will learn how listening to your different inner parts will give us valuable information about emotions, beliefs and behaviors you are struggling with. In the process you will be able to access your inherent self-kindness and compassion, the gateway to healing and growth.

60 Min | $150(sliding scale)

If you are struggling with addictive tendencies or feel you might even be in the grips of addiction, you have likely tried a myriad of strategies to find a way out. One of the main motivators for most addictive behaviors is a need for soothing or an outright escape from our reality, mostly pain, because it has become intolerable. We will gently and slowly discover together that ‘returning’ into our bodies and becoming present can be a much more gratifying, and most importantly lasting soothe than any of your current behaviors.

We will learn how to listen to the parts of you that keep wanting to ‘leave’ through behaviors or substances, rather than judging and shaming them, while going on a journey of healing what they are trying to protect.

Whatever the path you are on, I am here as a peer to support you with diverse alternative, non-pathologizing, embodied modalities.

60 Min | $150(sliding scale)