Intuitive Readings

Using the world’s first, Adinkra Ancestral Guidance cards, the creator of the deck, Simone Bresi-Ando will give intuitive readings based on guidance and messages from your ancestors that come through the cards to answer the questions you pose.

Adinkra is an ancient, visual, philosophy-based, communication system of the Akan people of Ghana and Gyaman people of Côte d’Ivoire. The ancient wisdom of the Adinkra provides life lessons, guidance and tools for survival that are widely used today.

Simone will help you make sense of the narrative the cards give you and also channel any other messages that come through.

Popular topics to get answers on are:

  • Love
  • Work / Business
  • Money
  • Health
  • Family

30 Min | $45

Carmen’s divination technique is a combination of intuition and interpretation. Astrology and Tarot readings bring light hidden or overlooked aspects of any situation, giving clarity on how to resolve the situation for best outcome. You can select from astrology only, tarot only, or a tarot and astrology combination reading.

Intuitive Readings are effective for:

  • Personal Discovery and Understanding
  • Love / Relationships
  • Career / Life Purpose
  • Saturn Return
  • Children’s Astrology: Understanding Developing Personalities
  • Predictive Astrology or Tarot

60 Min | $120

Tarot is a compassionate mirror; the cards remind you that all aspects of yourself are okay and beautiful. The cards provide the gateway to our innate reservoir of wisdom, as the images and symbols bridge the unconscious with the conscious to guide you toward major insights. Meaghan combines intuitive channeling with Tarot theory to reveal messages to you that are asking for your attention, so that you can move forward with clarity and intention.

60 Min | $120

With 20 years of experience, Unity Healing style of readings honor each person’s own intuition and ability to access higher guidance. Using the tarot as an ancient divination tool to get clear about the messages the universe is sending us all the time. By bringing light and clarity to any questions most pressing. Using the heart as a door to access wisdom and truth that will uplift and encourage the client to leave a session empowered with insight to make decisions and find peace in the present moment.

60 Min | $150