Journey through the Chakras

Live Online Workshop
October 1  |  7 – 9 PM  |  $25

Chakras are energy centers within the body, they govern everything from our mood to our physical body. During this workshop we will use visualization, mediation (dhyana), yoga postures (asana), kundalini exercises, and chanting (mantras) to bring the 7 main chakras into balance and harmony. The class will end with a sound bath, to help tune each chakra to its resonant frequency. When the charkas are balanced energy (prana) moves freely and the mind, body, and spirit act as one.

Asmi Shah has done yoga on and off for more than a decade, starting with old-school Indian DVDs. It was focusing on breath and experiencing yoga as a moving meditation that transformed her life. Her focus is on making yoga accessible for everyone and incorporating spirituality into the physical practice. She offers a unique perspective as she is deeply connected with her Indian heritage and the everyday application of yogic principles. Her work in yoga led her to study Himilayan singing bowls in Nepal and continue to study various modes of energy healing at home in NYC.