Live Music & Conscious Yoga Masterclass

September 28  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $30

Sound is a powerful tool that can contribute to the development of a deep connection with our bodies; specially when the instruments played are HIGHLY VIBRATIONAL & ELEVATE YOUR LEVELS OF AWARENESS. Spend 75 minutes consciously moving, listening, connecting to source. It’s a physically & spiritually uplifting experience. Conscious flow of movement while hearing sacred sounds: A dance between your spirit & the melody of organic music.

Gabriel Jiménez is a music therapist originally from Mexico. During the last few years Gabriel has traveled through the Mexican Republic, North America and South America where he has learned to play high vibrational instruments from different cultures such as the Handpan, Tibetan bowls, Indigenous flutes, didgeridoo, guitar, drum and more.

Natalia is one of the lead teachers at HealHaus! “I strive to make anyone stepping into my Sangha unwind and connect to their authentic ‘Self’. I hold a peaceful and inviting space for exploration and healing of practitioners on all levels. Classes are playful but precise: a craft of intention, meditation, mantra, creative Asana and Pranayama techniques, setting the mood for a spiritually balanced energy flow where students will be challenged & encouraged to explore with mindfulness.”