Lunar Oracle

The Aluna Method is an oracle that proposes to look into the feminine, through Yoruba perspective, to activate our ancestral force and rescue our sense of purpose in this earth. It is a healing practice that helps you regain the power of your own narrative reconnecting with your ancestral wisdom.

This oracle is based on ancestral and scientific technology that observe the lunar phases and their feminine archetypes in order to study the energies of the inner and outer Moon and guide each of us on an inward journey towards balance.

Yemisi learned to read the oracle with Priestesses of Yoruba spirituality in Brazil and Nigeria. It is a sacred practice that was given to her as a way to navigate her life’s own challenges. She uses it on a daily basis and it has helped her tremendously.

We will work towards shifting our perspective, seeing the world as inherently abundant, and consequently, tapping into that through our own embodied experience.

This is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our ancestors and connect to that power within.

We will work with active breath, creative writing and self inventory developing a lunar map for a deeper understanding of each of the Lunar phases and our individual cycles within each phase. The oracle offers a map to self. It shows that being present, is our mission and teaches us how to do it. A return home.

Every gender is welcome!