This session will combine therapeutic and deep tissue techniques with intuitive energy healing. We will release energy blocks and deep seated trauma using salt stones and crystals. Sage will be burned to clear your energetic body. You will leave with your choice of herbal aftercare product.

2 Hrs | $165

This is serious body work. A deep tissue massage addresses chronic pain and injuries, employing traditional western techniques such as Swedish strokes and myofascial release to alleviate tension and to target the muscles that are causing you pain. Got a spot in your shoulder that won’t budge? That lower back thing that’s been nagging you for years? This is our specialty. We’ll get into it.

60 Min | $120
90 Min | $150

The perfect addition to a self care practice. Swedish technique with Shiatsu pressure point application. This massage combines gliding strokes, muscle kneading, gentle stretching, meridian release and mobilization to boost circulation and promote deep relaxation. Takes you to your happy place!

60 Min | $100
90 Min | $135

Unique experience combining three forms of therapy per treatment. Customer tailored for the client’s need. We start with a brief conversation to establish a goal.Then we begin with soothing swedish strokes. Next a shiatsu vibration technique (vibrating the hands rapidly to stimulate, slowly to calm) stretching and aligning the body to balance energy flow. Followed by acupressure. Using pressure points to immediately release negative energy and pain.

There are five basic areas of focus:
Breathing, carinal, back and two major circuits that ground you.

Each session will remind you of what feeling good feels like.

60 Min | $150
90 Min | $225