Meditative Making

March 7  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  Suggested donation: $10
** No one will be turned away in all community classes **

Making Love is a workshop for all, to come, create, be present, and make. Work with your hands. Find therapy and solace in the making, in the contribution, in the process. No artistic skills necessary, as this work is about repetition, getting into the flow of movement, freeing the mind from thoughtful action. Together we will create, all of us coming together, to build an art installation that will be placed within the community.

In the spirit of Gees Bend quilters singing hymns while sewing together personal relics to create quilts cherished as modern works of art, and Buddhist monks collectively meditating while creating mandalas, we will do the same.

We bring our hands, spirits and minds together with intention, fueled by music and libations in a casual atmosphere. In our making, we fill the work with love and joy… the essence held in the material.

A ceremony created to bring life to the inner spirit and the outer environment.

Shayla Milan’s work focuses on space and spirit, and how one influences the other. For over 15 years, she has created spaces and installations for American luxury brands like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and Vince. The goal, always to influence buying decisions. She sought more, a deeper connection, seeking to know how one can work within spaces to influence wellness and healing.

During this time she found that her own therapy came through making, her peace found in her studio. From these moments, a collection of pottery and jewelry were created, sold and often gifted. She recognized early on that the spirit held in each creation was something special. It was an energetic exchange, a gift of life from creator to creation. This became even more apparent when her pieces would garner tears from the receiver, as if they felt her through her work, describing them as grounding.

She paused to channel this energy into the foundation of her marriage and the birth of her two children. She is now making a return as her higher self and to her community through Meditative Making: Making Love.