Meridian Cleansing Qigong

Sundays  |  8 AM

This class is appropriate for all levels of students who have some or no experience with Qigong. Meridian Cleansing Qigong (Jing Luo Xi) is a system of Chinese Taoist movement exercise that is a great source of calming, healing, stress reduction, and integration of the mind-body through activating Chi energy flow through the bodies meridians, vessels, and vortexes. Similar to T’ai Chi, Meridian Cleansing Qigong helps to cleanse the physical, mental and energetic debris that we pick up as we live our daily lives. The usage of Taoist Chinese medicine philosophy, Yin/Yang and Five Element theory, and acupoint/meridian visualization are the main features of this art. Taoist meditations and warm up exercises are also a part of this class. This class is a great companion to the Meridian Cleansing Yoga class also offered at HealHaus.