New Moon Lion's Gate Portal: Yoga + Sound

In-Studio Workshop | Indoor
August 8  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  $44

On 8/8, the playful New Moon in Leo, a symbolic time of beginnings amplifies the Lions Gate Portal, when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo, the bright blue star Sirius aligns with Orion’s Belt. The celebration of this alignment goes as far back as ancient Egypt, as the Sirius star marked the flooding of the Nile and a time of fertility & opportunity. From the Egyptians to the Mayans to the Dogons, Sirius has been revered and believed to be our Spiritual Sun. On 8/8, this high vibrational energy is at its peak. In numerology 8 carries the vibration of infinity or our timeless consciousness. Holding the vibration of 4+4 it also supports the manifestation of our efforts & intentions in this material world. With our Sun placement in Leo this time is guided by our heart center and embodies courage, strength & playful expression. All together the Lion’s Gate portal offers an acceleration of spiritual growth. It is a time to pause, reflect & be present with the potent & high vibrational energy available to us.

Come as you are & take this opportunity to be present with self & the magic of community! Join Roxy & Julius on the afternoon of Sunday, 8/8 for a Yoga & Sound Activation. You will be guided through an energizing flow and deep release, followed by a Gong meditation. Celebrate your life, heal, purge, and nuture in gratitude!