Nutrition Consultation & Meal Prep

By taking a behavioral approach to your nutrition goals we will begin to uncover how your daily habits and routines influence your food choices. During this session we will assess your daily activities across four primary dimensions – diet, exercise, sleep and social connection. Using science-based practice and a collaborative approach, we will develop a clear plan for behavior change aimed at improving your dietary choices, restoring energy balance and optimizing your mental and physical well-being.

For both mother and child, the prenatal and postnatal periods represent a time of rapid change and development. In addition to organ maturation, maternal diet influences the composition of amniotic fluid and breast milk – both potent directors of infant flavor preference and later dietary choices. Across the pre and postnatal timespan, maternal and infant nutrition requirements vary greatly. The extent to which these needs are met has important implications for maternal and infant wellbeing as well as long term health outcome. Combining the latest evidence-based practice around prenatal and postnatal nutrition with your intuitive wisdom, our work during this consultation will provide you with the resources, tools and confidence to build the most healthful dietary plan for you and your baby.

This hands-on private meal preparation and planning session will delve into nutrition basics, batch cooking and tips to make the entire meal prep process easier, more efficient and actually enjoyable! During this session we will also examine your current food environment and assess whether it is in alignment with your nutrition and wellness goals. At the close of this session you will leave with the skills, tools and confidence to become a meal prep pro, to markedly improve your sense of well-being and to assume healthier dietary habits.