Plant-Powered Meal Prep & Nutrition Workshop

January 27  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $45

Are you interested in improving your nutrition and dietary habits but unsure of where to begin? Or, do you know what to eat but get stressed out by the mere thought of how much time and effort it will entail to eat more healthfully? This hands-on meal prep workshop will delve into plant-powered* nutrition basics, meal planning, batch cooking and tips to make the entire meal prep process easier, more efficient and actually enjoyable! At the close of this workshop you will leave with the skills, tools and confidence to become a meal prep pro, markedly improve your sense of well-being and assume healthier dietary habits. You will also leave with an assortment of delicious meals and snacks for the week ahead as the cost of food and meal prep supplies is included in workshop pricing.

*Omnivores welcome! This workshop is plant-based but meat-eater, pescatarian, ovotarian, vegetarian & vegan friendly.