Radiant Human Meditation

Saturdays  |  9:45 AM
$10 Drop-In  |  $30/Month

Each time you meditate, you get to know yourself a little more and in that process, your capacity for self-healing continues to evolve. The only “goal” per se is sensation, even if that sensation initially is agitation, because that is part of the process.

The time you spend meditating provides you an opportunity to know yourself better, to find your entry point, your way back to you. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a complete beginner, we all need some support for everyday living because it’s not always possible to sit in a perfectly quiet place. Sometimes, we’re in the middle of a crowded platform or running after kids. How do we harness what we need from our breath in any scenario?

In this class, I will guide you through various breathing techniques all with the sole purpose of freeing your breath as that is the key to improved health and decreased stress.