Reiki + Reading

This session is designed to create a safe and loving space for you to process and resolve any energetic misalignments within yourself. We have the ability to SEE YOU, then hold that vision of you so you can see it for yourself and begin the process of reconnecting with your highest self. A typical session consists of: ​Tea and Meditation, Grounding and Cleansing, Sound Healing, Full Reiki Session, Oracle Card Reading, Aromatherapy, Talk and intuitive guidance and Affirmations. We will cater the session specifically to your unique needs, making sure you get the healing, guidance and answers you need to proceed.

In this session, we don’t set expectations, we set intentions. We welcome anything that comes up with love and an open heart. We love both our shadow and our light. We connect with our spirits and welcome guidance. And we learn how to listen, love and walk in our purpose. Reiki is given through gentle touch and it helps you: ​Feel relaxed and light, clear energetic blocks, open and balance your chakras, relieve anxiety and negative thinking, heal old traumas holding you back, connect to your spirit guides, raise your vibrations, heal physical injuries and so much more. After the Reiki session, we will draw from multiple oracle card decks to answer any additional questions and channel guidance for you to gain peace and clarity on any area of your life.

Our Healers