Shamanic Sound Bath:The Cord Cutting Experience

September 21  |  7:30 – 9 PM  |  $35

A “Cord” is a term that describes an attachment to people, beliefs, experiences and traumas. Some cords are healthy and others are not. Unhealthy cords are attachments that create codependency, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of motivation, sadness, etc. Some of these unhealthy cords come from family members who have created a huge demand on you to live your life the way they see fit, or from societal conditioning that make you question your worth. Physical symptoms may show up in the body as pain in your heart/chest or solar plexus/stomach area. When we hold on to the past, whether it is resentment, anger or sadness from challenging times, relationships etc., we are holding on to an unhealthy cord.

Through the use of herbs, Shamanic drumming, singing bowls and a guided visualization, we will remove these attachments to free ourselves from unnecessary feelings. This experience is designed and intended to remove anything that is draining your energy. Inner freedom, liberation and self love are the key words here.

Bring a journal, a pen and your intention.