Soul Food Meditation

Live Online Class
Fridays  | 7:15 – 7:45 PM

This meditation class is a combination of sound, instruments and spontaneity. Drums, singing bowls, mantras, singing and more will be used to guide you on a meditative journey with the intention to help you feel fed on a deep soul level. Building your Spirit makes you strong and keeps you grounded during challenging times. After a week of hard work, come to class as you are, comfortable in your own home, ready to receive good vibes.

Spontaneity plays a role here as I will be reading into the energy of the moment and you (the people) to see if Spirit has any messages to share. Any messages shared will be for your Soul and may vary in topic. Rest assured that the topics will be relevant and insightful on a personal level. Our greatest potential lies within community, connection and harmony with the divine spark in us all. Come receive food for your Soul.