Soul Sister Circle: Sex & Intimacy

November 22  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $35

In this women’s circle, designed specifically for women of color, we will share stories about the relationship we have with sex? As women are reclaiming their sexuality, their sensuality, and their power, we are also healing the emotional or physical wounds imprinted on us from experiences of the past. The #Metoo movement sparked the conversation around mutual consent, sexual assault, and toxic masculinity, resurfacing unwanted emotions and buried memories. Painful sexual experiences leave us feeling isolated, ashamed, paralyzed and numb, and too often, we deal with it in silence and alone. Many women live with unconscious sexual scars that prevent us from connecting with or loving our own bodies. Somehow it is a reminder of a violation once felt. We may be triggered, and feel a deep sense of discomfort when engaged sexually with a partner. This will be a powerful night of healing, storytelling, and connection.

Together we create a safe space to practice self-confidence, remind us of our worth, be supported, express our feelings openly and freely, and to foster healing. The workshop is 2 hours of committing to the self, acknowledging the self and cultivating awareness. You will gain clarity about certain aspects of your nature that you didn’t know before. In our women’s circles, we are all students and teachers. No one is the expert. We engage in open honest dialogue around topics that push us to dive deeper into our own knowing.

Every circle begins with a meditation to ground us in the space. Karmay will usually introduce the topic for the circle and the women have about 10 minutes to write in their journals, and then we transition into sharing and reflecting.

Let’s see where the pen takes you!

What you will need to bring:
Journal or notebook
Writing utensil