Soul Sister Circle: You + Your Anger

June 25  |  7 – 9 PM  |  $35

This is a women’s circle only for self-identifying women of color. In order to maintain the safety and intimacy of this sacred space, we require that all cameras be turned on for at least the first half hour of the circle experience.

Do you flare up easily? Do you have a hard time controlling your temper? Are you quick to anger? Whether you lash out at others or seethe quietly, anger dysregulates our emotional and physical bodies. Cortisol takes over the brain, the heartbeat increases, and the body heats up. At that point, all rational and compassionate thinking are out the door, and we move into one of the trauma responses, fight, flight, or freeze. In this circle, we will explore the source of our anger, how anger influences our behavior, thoughts and feelings, and ways to release the anger from our bodies. This is a healing circle where you will have the opportunity to be witnessed in your sharing, and where we practice being seen, heard, and valued. See you there!

You will need a pen and paper.