Sound Bath. Reiki. Meditation. Healing.

June 15  |  7:30 – 9:30 PM  |  $33

Join Reiki Masters Joshua Dorfman and Julia Sheykman in a multidimensional experience that goes beyond the five senses. Our Sound Bath Reiki Meditation is an experience that takes you beyond the daily stresses of life to be liberated. Through the combination of Sound and Reiki, you are deeply supported to journey into the depths of yourself with love and safety.

“A Sound Bath (or Sound Meditation) is a deeply immersive, full-body experience. Sound is both gentle and powerful, therapeutic, restorative, and transformative for your mind and body.” Sounds Baths provide an opportunity for a full reset, aligning you back into a state of internal-harmony. Utilizing a variety of instruments including crystal singing bowls, rattles, drums and more, the sound vibrations shift your brainwaves from an awakened state (Beta) to a deep meditative state (Theta). In the theta state, you are able to receive deep relaxation and healing from the sound waves. The sound also works to move stagnant energy in the body to support this process.

Reiki is an energy healing modality that derives from the very same life force energy that flows through your cells and DNA. It is known as a Japanese technique of stress reduction that works with the main and subtle energy centers in the body to promote healing on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

This month our event falls on the Full Moon in Scorpio, which sparks lots of introspection and deep thinking while offering the opportunity to improve on many situations. . It is a time of getting in touch with your emotional self to re-evaluate the way you connect with and process your emotions as well as how you share them with world. It also a time of checking in with our values and desires. We will be focusing on harnessing this energy into our experience checking in with our-self so we can radically shift our consciousness.