Sound Meditation for Relaxation

Live Online Class
Thursdays  |  8:45 – 9:15 PM

Experience a deeply relaxing Sun Gong Meditation to release stress, calm your nervous system and find peace of mind. Sound Meditation is a deep sound healing experience that utilizes the principles of resonance, vibration and a body-mind integrated approach to health. We are in constant motion with our breath, heartbeat, blood flow, even our thoughts. During a Sound Meditation, sound is used to guide you to a meditative state. Johanna works with the wisdom of the Gong to aid your energetic system to release tension, calm the nervous system and let go of blockages. Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal bowls may be used in each session. When we receive sound, our body incorporates the vibration through sound waves. The vibration moves through every cell of the body and brings with it a sense of calm and well-being. Sound Meditation supports your entire being to do its own healing magic, sparking transformation on an energetic level.