Stress Reduction for Creatives

February 2  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  Suggested donation: $20
** No one will be turned away in all community classes **

Making stuff is awesome.

But sometimes the path to creation is filled with fears, anxieties, self limiting beliefs and fixations on particular outcomes.

While most of us have come to associate “pain” with “gain”, perhaps there’s a better way to give birth to our creative projects.

In this super powerful workshop, I will offer actionable ideas and strategies for reducing your stress before, during, and after any creative endeavor. In addition to a short talk from me, there will be free writing exercises, mirroring work, and at the end, a guided energy visualization to make everything super juicy and yummy.

Transform your process and super change your output, all while having fun and being in your flow!

Bring your good humor and your creative vibes and we will handle the rest.