Tarot + Astrology Readings

Astrology readings bring light to hidden or overlooked aspects of any situation, giving clarity on how to resolve the situation for the best outcome. It will help you to determine your soul’s blueprint, soul purpose, and life plan. We will look at the most powerful planets and aspects in your chart that either assist you, keep you stagnant, help to manifest negative cycles or maintain blockages in your life.

Readings can be effective for:

  • Personal discovery and understanding
  • Love / Relationships
  • Career / Life purpose
  • Saturn return
  • Children’s astrology: understanding developing personalities
  • Predictive astrology

60 Min | $120
90 Min | $165

60 Min | $111
120 Min | $166

90 Min | $175

Malorine will analyze your numbers Life Path, Life Destiny, Soul Number, Personality Number, Pinnacles, etc, through the Universal-9 year system to determine your karmic deeds, past-life traumas, gifts and strengths. The goal of this reading is to give you the necessary tools for soul growth and manifestation at the highest level. All sessions come with a recording of the experience and a 40-50 page PDF of your placements.

60 Min | $88

Carmen’s Tarot readings are the torch illuminating hidden or overlooked aspects of any situation, giving clarity and insight on how to resolve situations for the best outcome. Tarot brings to light subconscious feelings, influences, and circumstances surrounding you or a situation. Carmen gives insight for self-care, healing, making practical decisions, and steps to improve current conditions. It’s not about what’s going to happen but what you can make happen.

With 20 years of experience, Daya’s readings honor each person’s own intuition and ability to access higher guidance. Using the tarot as an ancient divination tool to get clear about the messages the universe is sending us all the time. By bringing light and clarity to any questions most pressing. Using the heart as a door to access wisdom and truth that will uplift and encourage the client to leave a session empowered with insight to make decisions and find peace in the present moment.

Malorine uses a variety of cards to explore your deepest questions while using different tarot spreads. Past life energy work is used for each session.

60 Min | $120
90 Min | $165

30 Min | $37 – $75
60 Min | $75 – $150

60 Min | $111

60 Min | $150