Tarot for Self Study

August 15  |  7 – 9 PM  |  $25

It can be difficult when pulling cards for yourself to “see” outside of your own lens and feel like you understand the messages without bias. The funny thing is there will always be a little bias, just like if you’re reading for a best friend. In this workshop we will explore how to use that bias as a vantage point to find patterns in the psyche, many times revealing unconscious desires or attachments to the outcome. We will practice how to have discernment by using specific layouts to move out of the personality aka ego and gain insight from the soul realm of highest potential. This workshop is a study on how to better read tarot for yourself, yet the concepts and practices learned will also benefit you when reading for others, especially friends/family. All levels of tarot experience welcome, great for beginners and advanced readers alike. Please bring a deck if you have one and something to journal your findings. Each tarot workshop ends in a mini meditation to embody the messages received.