Tarot: Reading for Others

In-Studio Workshop | Indoor
August 29  |  2:30 – 4:15 PM  |  $40

In this workshop we will be taking it back to the fundamentals of tarot and explore how to better read for others. Many may only use tarot for self study and this will be an opportunity to practice reading tarot for others. This will include how to hold space, ask clarifying questions, active listening and building your ritual for pulling cards in response to intuitive energy of the “querent”. We will pull cards as a group and in pairs, everyone will have the opportunity to give and receive a reading.

All levels of tarot understanding welcome, there will be opportunities to go deeper into your practice and learn brand new things alike. Bring a tarot deck (oracle deck optional) and journal if you have one. Anyone can join for collective messages even if you do not have a tarot deck.