Taurus Full Moon Community Reiki

November 1  |  7 – 9 PM  |  $25

Guadalupe Terrones

In this 2-hour workshop, we will discuss the energies and astrology surrounding the full moon in Taurus, which takes place on October 31st, on a personal and collective level. Journal prompts inspired by the astrology of the full moon will help provide clarity about what the full moon is specifically holding space for each of us to release. Once we hone in on our individual intentions for the full moon using astrology, journaling, and affirmation building, we will move into the Reiki healing portion of the workshop with a level of self awareness that makes a healing so much more powerful and transformative. The reiki healing portion of the workshop will consist of a brief guided meditation centered around the breath to prepare our mind, body, and soul to receive the healing. Lupe will then connect to each participant and transmit the reiki energy, also referred to as universal life force energy, to the group. The reiki will conclude after about an hour with a bit of time set aside for anyone who would like to discuss anything that came up during the Reiki portion of the workshop.

Please make sure to set aside a comfortable space to lie down where you will be uninterrupted for the portion of the Reiki. Feel free to make your space as serene as you wish using candles, incense, or crystals.

Lupe is a master reiki practitioner, intuitive astrologer, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and culinary trained chef. She weaves her various healing modalities within the energetic, physical, and emotional realms to maximize the potential of transformation for her clients in all her 1:1 and group offerings. She is founder of Zodiac by Lupe, an astrology informed wellness platform for truly holistic wellness. Reconnect to the universe that you are. Learn more at Zodiacbylupe.com or connect on ig @zodiacbylupe.