Teastained Wombman:
Reclaiming Birth & Centering BIPOC

August 18  |  2:30 – 4:30 PM  |  $25

Teastained Wombman is an experience curated for black women and self-identified beings of color at ANY stage of the birthing continuum to engage in the radical remembering and re-education of our birthrights pertaining to preparing for the sacred rights of passage that is pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Doula, Lauren Solomon and Diarist, Chimene Jackson.

This is an edifying and empowering offering within which Lauren offers evidence based wisdoms and experience to anyone who is curious and/or actively preparing to one day give birth. You’ll leave equipped with powerful information, that when applied, will support you and your loved ones in having the birth experience you desire and deserve.

In partnership with Chimene, this is perfect for those who are ready to journey through journaling into motherhood as a matriarch.