The Breath of Life

Live Online Workshop
August 7  |  2:30 – 4 PM  |  $25

Connection to breath is our most powerful yet most overlooked divine truth. Breath is life, breath is vitality. To breathe fully w/ presence is to live fully & w/ purpose.

The practice of Pranayama, or Breath Expansion (Prana = Breath , Ayama = Expansion) dates back to ancient India & the origins of Yoga. Our Prana layer or Pranamaya Kosha connects our physical body to our thoughts & emotions. Pranayama is designed to release physical, emotional & mental blockages that restrict our flow of Prana. With our breath we will ease the body & mind, transitioning from a state of fight or flight into rest & digest. We will stay connected to the present moment, peel back layers of illusion, doubt & worry to reveal our true nature of peace, love, joy & ease. This workshop will close with a sound bowl meditation. Please set yourself up comfortably in a quiet place. If possible, please have headphones with you and a pen & paper.