Therapy: Couples

This is a comprehensive and condensed version of couples’ therapy that involves: an assessment of attachment styles, an assessment of the couples’ ‘dance’, tools that increase one’s ability to more effectively attune to their partner through non-verbal cues; an increase of their own self-awareness through simple Sensorimotor techniques; and a framework into how to look for the fear and vulnerability in their partner as an attempt to maintain empathy and connection. This package is ideal for couples who are curious about digging deeper into the psychology of their partnership, engaged or newly married couples, or couples looking for a tune up. It’s also recommended for couples who are curious about couples’ therapy but are not ready to commit.


Ongoing couples therapy will involve in-depth work into understanding each person’s attachment style, stress response, trauma history, experience with race, power, and privilege, and how these intersect to not only make us the partners that we are, but gain understanding into why we attract the people that we attract. An assessment of the couples’ ‘dance’ with some explanation of its functionality in the dyad will be explored. A tailored treatment plan will be created collaboratively with therapist and couple. Couples in long term therapy are usually looking to work through deep issues such as infidelity; one partner’s use of extreme coping such as substance abuse or self-harm that is negatively impacting the relationship; unresolved trauma; and/or cultural differences that cannot be negotiated. Ongoing couples therapy requires weekly commitment in the beginning phase of treatment.

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