Transcendence Meditation

Thursdays  | 11:15 AM

Each class is a journey, a progression beginning with a “being present” exercise using the five senses to become aware of everything in the moment. Afterwards, we dive into breathing exercises that enable you to go deeper into your center and slow down your thinking. Each week I energetically assess what is needed for the whole and alter the practice accordingly; however, sound and breath work are the core fundamentals of every meditation.

We utilize vocal toning of the chakra sounds to create balance within the Chakra system, mantras to align with specific intentions, and/or guided visualization. As a group, we are each other’s support system, harmonizing our voices and intentions into one safe space. Vibrations will be felt, and Spiritual surprises may occur, such as feeling “out of body”, seeing colors, receiving insight, etc. The intention is to align you with your innate power to be still and feel at peace. You will leave feeling empowered and part of a family.

This class will not only balance your energy, mood and emotions, but will also strengthen your ability to use your voice during your day-to-day when you need it the most. When you are confident with your own voice, it is easier to share your feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions. Communication becomes effortless; relationships become smoother and life becomes more pleasurable.

All are welcome. No prior experience is necessary.