Womb Wellness + Doula Support

As a holistic birth & postpartum doula, I am here you support throughout your journey to motherhood. In our virtual sessions, we can discuss how to get past your fears & plan for an empowering birth experience. Whether you’re planning to deliver at home, in a hospital or birthing center, I am here to support you. And if you’re in need of postpartum support, we can also go over newborn care, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery & self care. Allow me to be a part of your virtual village.

60-min session for $100 includes one of the following:

  • Birth plan creation
  • Dietary recommendations and information on herbs & supplements
  • Postpartum essentials & emotional support

Need help getting your birth plan together?
Are you looking for natural & safe ways to boost your immune health while pregnant?
Do you have questions about staying well nourished during pregnancy & the postpartum period?
What foods, herbs, and supplements should you be taking to prepare or recover holistically from childbirth?
What comfort measures & coping strategies can you use while in labor?

60 Min | $100

This is a sacred space for pregnancy loss, infant loss, and abortion support. An offering for bereaved Mothers. A safe space to mourn, grieve, cry, celebrate and simply BE. Mourning the loss of a pregnancy and baby can be a very solitary and confusing place. At times, we may choose to grieve in solitude, other times we may yearn for community and it seems no one understands our pain. The experience of this loss is often traumatic, making it difficult to talk about and navigate. Stephanie began a support group in 2018, ten months after her own loss. She created a space she wished she had had. A space to feel held, seen, and understood. A space to process, be silent, laugh, or cry. Stephanie now offers private 1:1 support for Mothers and families.

30 Min | $45 – $75
60 Min | $85 – $135

During our virtual session, we will discuss your health history & menstrual cycle patterns. This is an opportunity to explore your womb concerns and any nutritional & lifestyle choices that could be contributing to reproductive health issues and hormonal imbalance. We will work towards creating a healthy balance within your body while receiving the emotional support you need to achieve your womb wellness goals. This is an ideal service for women looking for natural ways to care for their wombs, or who are experiencing fertility challenges, suffering from recurring yeast or BV infections or experiencing heavy/painful periods. This is also very beneficial for those looking for holistic alternatives to treat fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


  • Intake & assessment
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Information on herbal remedies & supplements
  • Detox guide and/or plant-based recipes

45 Min | $80