Zen Shiatsu Bodywork

Zen Shiatsu is a style of Japanese Shiatsu bodywork created by the late shiatsu master Shizuto Masunaga. This type of bodywork is based on Chinese medicine principles and uses Yin/Yang and Five Element Theory as a foundation for moving Ki energy (Chi in Chinese) through the bodies meridian (energy) pathway system. Zen Shiatsu is a gentle yet powerful approach to body work that is greatly effective for chronic stress, various body aches and pains, low energy, stiffness, improving digestion and much more. And because of its energetic approach, Zen Shiatsu is very helpful in supporting healing due to trauma and emotional stress. In fact the creator of Zen Shiatsu had a degree in psychology and was keenly aware of how the mind and body mirror and support each other in both sickness and health.