Bhajan Akal

Bhajan Akal is a multidisciplinary artist and ceremonialist who works intuitivity to help others intergrate and access and their authentic selves. Bhajan is a sound practitioner and active member of the NYC transformational arts community. Embracing the ethos, that language is the primary methodology for personal transformation. Bhajan employs a variety of traditions in his work: storytelling, language deconstruction, harmonics, pranayam (breathwork), rhythmic trance, toning, somatic movement and the empirical study of the primacy of the mind in meditative states.

Bhajan’s initial creative impulses were sparked by several of his family members who were immersed in dancing, music and the performing arts, as well as countless hours exposed to the music of Gospel, Blues, Afro-Cuban, Rock, Jazz and Folk. Bhajan has traveled throughout the world to train in a variety of specializations, amassing over 2,500 hours in trainings, including in sound therapy, improvisational voice, tantric yoga, mindful nutrition, Thai Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Shibari and water movement therapy. Bhajan is currently based in Brooklyn, NYC where he practices the path of Dzogchen Mind training as a sworn BodhiSattva in the Ningma Lineage and is a student of the Taino language, for the benefit of all sentient life. He maintains a burgeoning private practice with clients from some of New York City’s most influential families, functional medicine doctors, therapists, business owners, non-profits and artist collectives.