Brujas of Brooklyn

Brujas of Brooklyn are Afro-Dominican identical twins, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. They believe in the power of Spirit to cast spells that aid in collective healing. Their craft is specifically dedicated to womb-healing; they do so by creating safe spaces for women to share, grow and release generations of pent up trauma. Brujas of Brooklyn do more than help women heal from a heartbreak or financial distress. We are healing generational traumas of gendered racism, which women of color often hold in our wombs or yonis. They are Brujas, Witches, practical magic Makers. The work that they do is inspired by the 7th generation principle among Native Americans in the United States: the healing that takes place today will help to heal 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us. This is their wish.

Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon (Dr. G.) is one half of Brujas of Brooklyn. She is a professor, doula and kundalini yogi. She earned a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis on Gender Studies from Syracuse University. Dr. G. teaches courses related to Racism and Birthing (In) Justice in the US. She is a published author and Board member for the IMAGE Initiative, dedicated to empowering young women of color. The home-birth of her sun Talib changed her life forever.

Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez is unapologetic critic of Gentrification with 8 years of teaching experience as an Urban Studies professor at LaGuardia Community College. She holds a PhD in Public Policy from Rutgers University; her dissertation was a critical ethnographic study on the Gentrification in Washington Heights and its effects on 2nd generation Dominicans. Dr. Rodriguez thanks her Saturn’s Return for shaping her life as a Yoni priestess. Womb wellness is her life’s work.